About US

I created this site in honor of My Late Mother Karen Arthur who passed from Early Onset Alzheimer's at 65.

I have been on my own since. All Odds stacked against me. I am a cargiver through the state for my mothers Widowed Boyfriend. He is not taken care of himself since my mom passed.

I share my story on social media which helps others. Being a MAN who is a CAREGIVER. IS SOMETHING YOU DO NOT SEE TO OFTEN. The Story I tell is one that no one will here without crying.

I have videos with over a Million Views on Facebook! I was Hoping to sell 100k shirts a month and make $1 profit off each. So that I can Help Send Money To those in need.

Now I have SOLD NOTHING. I will Close this Site down and shut everything down if we cant make it worth the time. As everything in life. It has to be worth your time.

I spent 1000s of dollars on programs to make custom one of a kind gifts for all of you. If you need a Shirt made. Let me know. We do CUSTOM MEMORIAL SHIRTS AS WELL!